Testing Support

Testing Support

The Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services is your primary source of support with online quizzes using Moodle (eClass). We encourage instructors to seek support in the time leading up to their online exam to avoid emergent situations during test time.

To ensure timely assistance, we also encourage instructors to make any eClass Quiz support requests at least 2 weeks in advance of quiz administration date.

Here are the forms of support that the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services CAN provide:

  • We can provide eClass quiz creation and configuration support to all instructors
  • We can ensure an eClass quiz works properly and all settings are correct upon request
  • We can configure user and group overrides for students requiring this service, if given advanced notice
  • We can provide training for instructors in how best to administer and create eClass exams
  • We can delete quiz attempts, modify questions, regrade eClass quiz attempts, and open/close questions upon instructor’s request
  • We can provide student access/activity logs regarding eClass quizzes upon request
  • We can provide eClass gradebook support with regards to eClass quizzes
  • We can provide full support and troubleshooting during business hours with eClass quizzes

Here are the forms of support that the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services CANNOT provide:

  • We cannot provide support for third-party testing software 
  • We cannot provide support for personal computers/devices
  • We cannot loan computers or devices to students
  • We cannot administer synchronous quizzes for an instructor, or be physically present during an exam
  • We cannot create eClass quizzes for instructors after initial training and support

Providing Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If an instructor offers online quizzes via Moodle/eClass and has one or more students that receive testing accommodations, he or she should consult with the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services and the Office of Disability Services to ensure that the student will receive those accommodations.

Instructors must add the Accommodations Coordinator from Disability Services to their eClass course page as an additional “teacher.” The Accommodations Coordinator will then be able to create overrides in a specified quiz on eClass, which will change the following test settings for the individual student(s):

  • the time and date that the quiz will be open, if the student must have the exam proctored at a different time
  • the time limit for the quiz, if the student requires extra time

The Accommodations Coordinator, once added to the course, will create and modify overrides for a quiz only in order to provide the required support for a student with disabilities. This person will make no other changes to the course under his or her level of access.

Supplemental Resources for ExamSoft Testing

If you are an instructor utilizing ExamSoft to administer online exams in your courses, the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services can provide support for configuring your eClass courses to be compatible with ExamSoft. All other support questions should be directed to your ExamSoft representative or your Academic School/Division.


Supplemental Resources for Respondus LockDown Browser

If you are an instructor utilizing the Respondus LockDown Browser to administer online exams in your courses, the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services can provide support for configuring your eClass quizzes to be compatible with LockDown Browser. All other support questions should be directed to Respondus Support, IT Support, or your Academic School/Division.




How can I organize the content in my course’s question bank?

If you create categories in your question bank, you can break up and organize your question content by topic, chapters in a textbook, the intended test, etc.

What can I do to double-check my quiz before I give it to my students?

After you finalize a quiz in your course, we recommend that you use the “Preview” function to take your own test. This will help highlight any typos, formatting errors, errors in scoring, or any other issues that can be addressed ahead of time.

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I want to randomize the order of questions in my quiz, so that each student has a different test. What is the best way to do this?

There’s two ways to randomize the question order in your quizzes. The first way is to enter all of your questions into the quiz activity, and then to check off the “shuffle” option in the “Edit quiz” page. This would make all of the questions in the quiz appear in a random order when a student takes the test. Another option would be to “Add a random question” from your question bank, which allows for a random assignment of several questions from a larger repository of questions. This would create more variety in the selection of questions in the quiz, but would hinder the statistical analysis of question content.

Can I shuffle the order of the answer options in a multiple choice question?

Yes, the answer options would be shuffled by default. As long as you do not turn off the settings “Shuffle the choices” (in question settings) or “Shuffle within questions” (in quiz settings), then the answer options will be shuffled for each quiz attempt.

How can I make it so that certain questions have a heavier weight in a quiz?

In the “Edit quiz” page, you can set a point value for each question in a quiz. You can set certain questions to have a higher point value in the quiz, which would increase their contribution towards the final score.

I want my quiz to be worth a certain point value. Does the sum of the question points need to equal that value?

No. In the “Edit quiz” page, there is a setting for the “Maximum grade.” Regardless of the total number points in the quiz, the final score will scale itself to the number of points in the “Maximum grade” field. For example, if the total points is 50 and the maximum grade is 100, a score of 48 would become a final grade of 96.

If there is an error with one of my quiz questions, is there a way to correct the error after my students take the quiz?

Yes, you have the ability to make corrections and adjust the student scores accordingly. Edit the questions as needed in the “Edit quiz” page (i.e. adjust the score on answer options, change the point value of questions, etc.), and then use the “Regrade” function in the grade report to regrade the student attempts.

What kind of electronic device should students use to take a quiz on eClass?

We generally recommend a computer with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a browser. However, you can also take a quiz on a mobile device in its built-in browser or on the Moodle app.