Student Policy & Procedures

Student Policies
Any traditional undergraduate student who wants to take a fully online course must complete a mandatory self-paced Online Learning Student Orientation Tutorial (OLSOT).

What is the OLSOT?

The OLSOT (Online Student Orientation Tutorial) is a self-paced, fully online tutorial that provides instructions on how to get started with online courses and provides tips and resources for being successful within the online learning environment. All students taking fully online courses are required to complete this tutorial successfully. You will only need to take the tutorial once no matter how many times you enroll in a fully online course.

Where can I access the OLSOT?

Upon registering for a fully online course, students will notice an alert for the OLSOT (also referred to as “Online Tutorial”) upon logging in to their Portal account. The OLSOT is accessed directly through this alert. Simply click on the blue link titled “Online Learning Student Orientation Tutorial (OLSOT)” to be brought to the tutorial. You may also notice that the Online tutorial appears as a “hold” on your student account. The hold will not be lifted until the tutorial is completed in full. Please see the attachment below for more complete instructions on how to access the OLSOT tutorial.

What content is covered in the OLSOT?

This tutorial will introduce you to important online learning policies, skills, and functions that will aid you in your success as an online learner. The tutorial will introduce you to our Learning Management System, eClass (also known as Moodle), and show you the most commonly used features that you may experience during your online coursework at Mount Saint Mary College. Additionally, the tutorial will share online learning best practices and tips for success, and will show you how to find resources and support during your time as an online student.

In order to remove the OLSOT (Online Tutorial) hold from your student account, you must complete the tutorial in full and pass a 15-question assessment. A passing score of 73% (a minimum of 11 correct answers) must be achieved to successfully complete the tutorial. Because a passing score is required to begin your online course, you may take the quiz as many times as necessary.

The OLSOT will be graded on a Pass/Fail scale. The student may complete the tutorial as many times as needed to earn a passing grade.

How long will the OLSOT take me to complete?

The OLSOT is designed to take 1 hour to complete; however, it could take more or less time depending on the student.

What office should I contact if I have questions about the OLSOT?

The OLSOT is administered through the Office of Online Learning. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Accessing the OLSOT Tutorial on the Portal Homepage

Traditional students with a GPA of at least 2.75 may enroll in online courses, with the permission of their advisor and the chair of the division offering the course. Students may seek exceptions to these policies from the Vice President for Academic Affairs, with the approval of their advisor and the chair of the division offering the accelerated course.

It is the student’s responsibility to be prepared to participate fully in his/her courses. This includes, but may not be limited to, obtaining course texts and/or software in a timely manner. Instructors are not required to allow extensions or make other allowances for students who have not obtained the required materials by the start of the course. A student’s contribution is assessed throughout a course. Lack of preparedness, including not having required texts, is likely to be reflected in a final grade.