Online Course Sharing Consortium/Acadeum

Online Course Sharing Consortium/Acadeum

Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) has entered into a partnership with the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) course sharing consortium and Acadeum. Through this partnership, MSMC and our peer and sister institutions are able to offer fully online courses, majors, concentrations, and minors to MSMC and non-MSMC students aiding in student recruitment and increased enrollment across institutions, especially in under-enrolled courses.

Benefits for MSMC

Benefits for Faculty and Divisions

  • MSMC faculty will be able to offer courses in their specialization
  • MSMC Divisions and Schools will be able to maintain/increase full-time teaching loads
  • MSMC faculty will increase their pedagogical and innovative capacity and discover alternative teaching methods that extend to the face-to-face classroom
  • MSMC will increase capacity to offer majors, concentrations, or minors to students outside of MSMC aiding in student recruitment and increased enrollment

Benefits for Students

  • MSMC traditional students, transfer students, adult and non-traditional students will have enhanced course options, including elective courses
  • MSMC athletes will have course options for summer and winter
  • MSMC will be able to retain MSMC students that enroll in community college courses over the summer and winter
  • MSMC will help support students to graduate on-time

Guidance for MSMC Chairpersons

Typically, chairpersons will receive an email about Acadeum course offerings approximately 4 months before a new semester. This timeframe allows the chairperson time to work with their faculty to assess need and select courses that they may be interested in offering. Once courses are selected, the instructor can work with the Instructional Design Team to prepare the course, as needed. A ideal timeline and checklist for course preparation is below.

Guidance for MSMC Faculty

If you are offering a course on the Acadeum platform, our Instructional Design Team can support you in getting your course prepared:

  • Acadeum Syllabus and Course Preparation Checklist
  • Non-MSMC students are required to complete an orientation to become acquainted with Moodle (eClass). Non-MSMC students receive an automated “Welcome Letter” with detailed information on how to get started

Guidance for MSMC Advisors and Students

If you are registering a student on the Acadeum platform, please use the below resource: