Moodle Quizzes

Moodle Quizzes

Resource Videos for Moodle Quizzes

This video playlist provides some supplemental videos on creating and managing Moodle Quizzes. These videos have been curated by the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services at Mount Saint Mary College for the use of our Faculty, Staff and Student population. The videos were hand selected and viewed, or created by members of our department with the purpose of serving our instructors and eClass users at Mount Saint Mary College in online and hybrid courses.

eClass Quiz Guide for Faculty

This document is designed to assist MSMC instructors in navigating Quizzes in eClass.

Readers will be given information on:

  • creating a new quiz activity in eClass
  • available question types
  • best practices and tips for success
  • how to provide accommodations for students
  • supports available through the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services

Use the provided document to the below download the material.

Download our resource via the linked icon here: 📄

Best Practices

The Quiz activity in Moodle allows you to give your students quizzes or exams electronically. Many faculty make use of the Question Bank to build a pool of quiz/exam questions, often organized by topic or chapter within the textbook. Chapter Quizzes provided on a weekly basis are a good way to support the “chunking” principle of online learning. Although establishing the Question Bank can be a time-intensive task, doing so allows you to randomize the questions selected for any particular quiz. Many publishers offer a test bank of questions aligned with the textbook; however, faculty feedback on the quality of these test banks has been mixed, so make sure you are comfortable with the quality of the questions before using them in your course. In addition, most publisher test banks have been compromised, i.e., publisher test bank questions and answers are often available on the Internet. For instructors that utilize publisher test banks, it is recommended that the test bank questions be reviewed and modified as needed, in order to ensure that the question content is accurate and uncompromised.