Moodle Basics 1.2

Moodle Basics 1.2

Resource Video Playlist for Moodle Basics: Instructional Support, Engagement and Interaction

For users that are interested in learning about the basic functions of Moodle (eClass), please take some time to view the videos in this playlist. Each video was curated or created by a staff member in the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services with the purpose of serving our faculty, staff, and student populations in web-enhanced, hybrid, and fully online courses.

The videos within this playlist will allow you to upload, share, and manage your eClass course content while creating engaging activities for you and your students. Through eClass, you will be able to share many types of information with your students, creating a robust and multimodal experience.

You will also be able to easily reference and link to the same uploaded material in any tool or resource within eClass by typing the exact name of the resource. This will automatically create a link to the uploaded material or activity, for ease of access in your course.

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Moodle Basics Text Resources

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