Creating Audio & eLectures

Creating Audio & eLectures

 Creating Audio and eLectures in eClass

eClass offers ready-to-use tools that instructors can use to record audio clips, host live meetings, and record lectures right within an eClass course.

audio video media iconPoodll can be used to record brief audio clips in eClass. Instructors can use Poodll to record a welcome message for the course, to briefly introduce or overview course topics, to post replies in discussion forums, or to provide feedback in the eClass Gradebook. Students may also use Poodll tools in activities like discussion forums. Poodll tools work best to share recordings that are 10 minutes in length or less.

Zoom allows instructors to hold synchronous (live) meetings and/or record lectures in eClass. Instructors can screenshare slideshows, use a whiteboard, create polls, and even put students into breakout rooms for group discussions. Unlike Poodll, Zoom can be used to record longer lectures or recordings. More Zoom resources can be found on their training website training page.


  • Instructors and students do not need to create new accounts or obtain special equipment to use Poodll or Zoom.
  • Poodll and Zoom recordings are secure, in that they can be accessed through logging in to the learning management system.
  • eClass integrations for both Poodll and Zoom are supported by the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services.


Using Poodll Using Zoom

Using Poodll Audio in eClass (Video, 2 minutes)

Posting to Discussion Forums using Poodll Audio or Video (Video, 4 minutes)

The resources above can be used by both instructors and students alike.

Adding Zoom to Your eClass Course (Video, 2 minutes)

Scheduling Zoom Meeting Sessions in eClass (Video, 2 minutes)

Starting and Ending a Zoom Meeting From Your Browser (Video, 1 minute)

Full Zoom Training Playlist (Video Playlist, times vary)

The guides include instructions for use as well as best practices and tips for success.

Other Recommended Tools

Listed below are several recommended recording tools, computer programs and companion applications for creating audio (e.g. podcasts) or eLectures.  While these tools are great alternatives for recording audio, video, and eLecture, please note that the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services will not be able to provide support for these tools.


Audacity is an open source audio recording program that works on multiple operating systems. The audio can be uploaded to services such as SoundCloud and distributed through a link.

More Information

With it’s companion program Lame Converter, audio files can be exported and saved as MP3 files. MP3 files are transferable and playable on most any devices with ease.

Works on associated computer operating systems:

Windows | Mac | Linux


SoundCloud is an audio hosting website service that allows its user to upload lectures, “podcast” style conversations and even music. The program is free to use and open on many platforms for its users to listen, create and share media. Audio hosted on this website can be added to an eClass by copying the link any where a text-box is provided, or adding it using the Activity or Resource chooser and clicking on “URL.”

More Information

Works on most internet browsers associated devices:

iPhone | Android 


Screencast-o-matic can be used to “screen capture” your computer while also recording your speech (e.g. displaying your PowerPoint or other resource while lecturing). Screencast-o-matic provides several options for sharing the recording, including a direct link that can be shared on eClass, or the option to upload the video to YouTube.

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The free version is limited to 15 minutes of recording. The Deluxe version is worth the extra feature for just under $20 a year.

Works on internet browsers and associated devices:

Windows and Mac computer program/application download available through a paid plan.


Mount Saint Mary College subscribes to Zoom as an institution, and is not endorsed or certified by Zoom Video Communications Inc. Zoom and the Zoom Logo are trademarks of Zoom Video Communications Inc.

Mount Saint Mary College subscribes to Poodll as an institution, and is not endorsed or certified by Poodll. Poodll is a produced by Poodll Co. Ltd, a registered company based in Nagasaki, Japan.