Course Readiness

Course Readiness

Is your eClass course ready for the new session or semester? Use the Course Readiness Checklist to ensure that your course is ready to go live to students! This easy-to-use checklist highlights different aspects of your course to prepare or update in the weeks leading up to a new session or semester, and links you to related resources and support.

Requesting and Sharing eClass Course Content
Are you planning to share your course content with another instructor? Are you going to be requesting access to another instructor’s course? View more information here. View more information here.


Course Readiness Checklist


Intellectual Property in eClass Courses

When requesting access to or sharing eClass course content, it is important to keep copyright laws and intellectual property in mind. Mount Saint Mary College and the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services recognizes the intellectual property rights of faculty, staff and students. The procedures and guidelines found in the document linked below are aligned with those of the College, already in place, which can be found in the Distance Education Policy.