Community of Practice

Community of Practice

All full-time and part-time faculty are able to join the online learning and teaching discussion at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) by participating in the Online Teaching Community of Practice. This informal meeting occurs regularly on the last Thursday of the month, and is open to anyone that:

  • Teaches online/hybrid/blended courses
  • Is interested in exploring teaching in these formats
  • Supports online/hybrid/blended courses and programs

During these Community of Practice meetings, faculty can connect with other faculty members and other individuals that are interested in online learning and teaching, to share their experiences and exchange ideas. To reference the literature, Community of Practice groups are groups of instructors and practitioners who “share a passion for something they know how to do and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better” (Wenger, 2015).

For MSMC, these groups provide spaces for critical discussion around teaching online, interdisciplinary knowledge sharing, learner-centered thinking, and teaching with technology innovation to take place. Participants can share ideas and suggestions, and engage in dialogue relevant to their specific areas of interest around teaching online.

Anyone with an interest in teaching and learning can join the Online Teaching Community of Practice group. It started off as a sub-committee of ATAC, but participants agreed that opening it up to all instructors on campus would have a more significant impact.