Dr. Anne-Marie Uebbing

Dr. Anne-Marie Uebbing


Dr.  Uebbing received her Bachelors of Nursing at Columbia University and then her Masters of Science of Nursing at Pace University. She has taught at New York University for the Nurse Practitioner Program, Medical Clerk, and Public Health programs for 4 years. She received her Doctorate degree in Nursing recently at PACE University.

She has been at MSMC for 7 years and has taught both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Her classes include Physical Assessment, Adult Health 1 and 2, Clinical Practicums, and one online RN-BSN class.

She defines hybrid learning as a fusion of classroom and online activities. She has used Blackboard as well as Moodle in her teachings.

She believes that eClass is beneficial in that it is paperless and that it can be accessible pretty much anywhere. What she doesn’t find eClass or online teaching beneficial when it comes to her Physical Assessment classes where when she uploads images for her students to see, the quality of the picture is not very sharp. She wants the images to illustrate assessments on patients.

She feels as though her students complain of the quality of learning with online courses. She said many felt as though there are malfunctions and the communication with each other lacks than within a traditional classroom. She finds that the technology behind a LMS is difficult to comprehend and that there has been problems with the wireless systems on campus which makes things a little more frustrating.

When she does teach in her hybrid courses she has students participate in discussion forums. She likes to insert handouts, lecture materials, and images/videos.