Dr. Jeanne Roth

Jeanne Roth


Dr. Jeanne Roth is an instructor with the undergraduate nursing program, teaching courses such as Adult Health I and II, Nursing Skills, and Nursing Seminar. In addition, she currently teaches the fully online course, “Bridge to Foundations of Nursing,” as part of the RN-BSN program.

She has been teaching for 26 years, 13 of them spent at Mount Saint Mary College.

Dr. Roth received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Niagara University. She also earned her Master of Science in Nursing for Nursing Administration at Hunter College and her Doctorate of Nursing Practice at Regis College in Massachusetts.

When asked about her perspectives on hybrid/online learning, Dr. Roth speaks of this as “a different modality of learning, it requires active involvement…with an online environment it requires a lot of independent work and skills with good writing.” She started teaching her first hybrid course, the “Transition to Nursing Practice” course, three years ago and found it quite challenging at first. The population group was very diverse and she found it difficult to engage in teaching this particular group. The students consisted of everything from new nurses with associates degrees and very minimal experience to nurses who have worked for many years but have not gone to school for a while. The perspectives with regards to nursing were quite different for each student and they all had their own unique weaknesses and strengths.

Hybrid and online learning can enforce a stimulant environment and in order to be successful, the students have to be self-motivating and actively learning. With these outcomes in mind, she found that her students began to share information with one another, helping each other out and sharing their experiences so that everyone could acknowledge different perspectives in nursing.

She feels as though eClass is very beneficial because it requires the learners to be more active and helps the students understand the process of learning. “Traditional classes can lack this because they do not always require students to actively participate. eClass helps the students critically think and allows students to grow and share ideas with other students.”

Dr. Roth would ad other instructors that online learning can be non-beneficial in some cases, especially for students who do not have excellent writing skills and for those who do not communicate well. Therefore, she does not recommend a sole reliance on activities such as discussion forums, which would prove to be detrimental in the case of such students.

She teaches her online course using a combination of educational videos, discussion forums, PowerPoint presentations, and article postings. She feels that this is sufficient for an online learning experience and does not require her students to do online quizzes or tests. She thinks, “They already have enough of a workload in their other classes.”

In the future, Dr. Roth would like to utilize and integrate new modalities into her online classes. She is still learning the basics of eClass but feels more confident with her online instruction as it is currently. Moving forward, she hopes to learn more and further develop her online courses.