Recording in eClass

eClass now has built-in audio and video recording through Poodll, no added software required! Record lectures, create audio-visual assignments, and more.

Virtual Classrooms

Campus closed? Out of town? Snowed in? Don’t cancel class! Learn how you can use Zoom, our virtual classroom platform, to share resources and present with full audio and video support.

Open Courseware Project

MSMC’s Open Courseware project is a collection of free-to-use educational resources, providing faculty with access to high quality teaching materials.

Faculty Spotlight

Putting the Discussion in Forums

Presented by Peter Witkowsky, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English

Peter discusses the lessons he’s learned about using Discussion Forums in traditional and online courses, including how to create incentives for participation, how best to manage the assessment of posts, and how to create an environment for productive conversations.

Student-to-Student Engagement

Presented by Kathy Venable, M.S., M.B.A., Instructor of Mathematics

Kathy shares her best practices in creating an engaging learning environment in a fully online course, such as setting clear expectations for participation, emphasizing the use of academic language, and creating multiple opportunities for peers to collaborate in the course.

Online Art History Course

Presented by Rebecca Glenn, M.A., Adjunct Instructor of Art History

Rebecca, who teaches fully online art history courses at Mount Saint Mary College, shares her strategies and best practices for developing a comprehensive and multimodal experience for her online students.