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The VoiceThread Initiative

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See how instructors at other institutions are using VoiceThread in your discipline!

voicethread logoVoiceThread is a powerful multimedia discussion tool that allows instructors and students to enhance their interactions in a digital learning environment. In the higher education setting, it is popularly used to replace text-only discussions, create interactive lectures, support Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, and provide no-schedule office hours. For example, many instructors use VoiceThread to:

  • Display work for feedback – student work can be displayed for feedback, such as in a graphic design or art class.
  • Discuss techniques, approaches, readings – images, text, audio can be posted and discussed over time.
  • Increase interaction – students can discuss course concepts or topics with each other in an asynchronous format.
  • Improve comprehension – instructors can use VoiceThread to explore difficult concepts in more detail. They can use voice comments or the doodle tool to dive deeper.
  • Provide homework, quizzes, or answering questions from a prompt  comments can be moderated, so that no one sees them except the instructor. That way, students can’t see what their peers said in response to an instructor’s prompt.

VoiceThread has now been integrated in to eClass (Moodle) for instructor and student use! See the steps below to get started with this dynamic tool.

Getting Started with VoiceThread

number oneSign into eClass through the My MSMC Portal and create your Voicethread account.

number 2When you are ready to create your first recording, watch the video Creating a VoiceThread and become familiar with other various VoiceThread features

number threeOnce you have created your first recording, you can add it to your eClass course

number fourIntroduce your students to VoiceThread and provide them with additional student resources found below.

Tutorials & Resources

Once you’d added your Voicethread recording to eClass, review the rest of the resources below to learn new and varied ways of utilizing this asynchronous tool. Also be sure to share additional resources with your students!

For Instructors For Students

Creating a VoiceThread Account (1 min)*

Creating a VoiceThread Recording (2 min)*

Adding a VoiceThread Recording to eClass (3 min)*

VoiceThread’s Tutorial Video Library

VoiceThread’s Instructor Guide for Moodle (eClass)

VoiceThread for MSMC: Student Tutorial (2 min)

VoiceThread’s Student Guide for Moodle (eClass)

*Some video resources in the list are also reflected in the steps for getting started above.

Accessing your account on

Instructors can access their VoiceThread accounts on as well. After completing the steps above, log in to and click on “Need Password,” following the provided prompts. Verify the account you created in Step 1 with the same email you use to enter the MSMC Portal.


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