The VoiceThread Initiative

The VoiceThread Initiative

Embedded Video Resources (listed in order of relevance):

Creating an Account

Creating a VoiceThread

Adding to eClass

Student View


VoiceThread is a powerful multimedia discussion board capable of hosting asynchronous lectures, lessons, and presentations.

This tool is compatible with most computer and mobile internet browsers, connected to your MSMC single sign-on through eClass.

STEP ONE: Sign into eClass through the My MSMC Portal. Create your VoiceThread account by watching our brief tutorial video.

STEP TWO: View the short video resources that have been created by VoiceThread on how to create VoiceThreads: We recommend starting with video 2, Creating a VoiceThread. Text resources to fully create a VoiceThread can be viewed on VoiceThread’s website

STEP THREE: When you have created at least one VoiceThread, view our “in-house” YouTube Video, on how to add your created VoiceThreads to eClass. You may change the name of the created link by clicking the small arrow to the right of the title after watching the video instructions. 

STEP FOUR: Review the rest of VoiceThread’s instructional resources, overview of how to use this tool with Moodle/eClass and grading to create new and varied ways of utilizing this asynchronous tool. 

STEP FIVE: Introduce your students to VoiceThread with their resources accompanied by our “in-house” video.

Additional Resources:

Tutorials for VoiceThread | Internal YouTube Videos: For Instructors | For Students

Website Resources with Embedded Videos:

Moodle Instructor Guide | Moodle Student Guide

Sign in to your account on VoiceThread:

After completing the instructions above, attempt to log in to VoiceThread and click on “Need Password,” following the provided prompts | Verify the account you created with the same email you use in eClass/Portal