Pre-Course Design

Pre-Course Design

Faculty members who wish to teach online should not only possess basic proficiency in computer skills but should also be acquainted with and feel comfortable using more advanced programs and applications. The following resource lists some technical skills, listed from least to most complex, that are examples of what would be needed to teach online and hybrid courses: Check your Technological Readiness

Breakdown of Hourly Requirements by Term Length

NYSED requirements for awarding one semester credit hour is that students complete fifteen (15) hours of instruction and thirty (30) hours for supplemental activities. This requires the following number of hours per week for a three (3) credit course:

14-15 Week Traditional Semester Course 8 Week Hybrid/Online Course
Instruction Supplemental Activities Instruction Supplemental Activities
2.7 hrs/week 6.5 hrs/week 4.7 hrs/week 11.3 hrs/week
37.5 hrs/semester 90 hrs/semester 37.5 hrs/term 90 hrs/term

Read more about New York State’s Time on Task policy at:


Hybrid-Online Syllabus Resources – Fall 2020

Course Development Schedule

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