Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Designing Online Quizzes 

Presenters: Kayla Gori, M.S.; William Biersack, B.A.; Vanna Hoang, B.S.

  • Webinar Recording (YouTube Streaming Video, Length: 1 hour and 3 minutes) Click here to watch the recording of the webinar.
  • Using Quizzes in Your eClass Course (Instructional PDF, 17 pages) This document explains in detail how to create an online quiz on eClass. Click here to view the document.
  • eClass Quizzes: Considerations & Best Practices Guide (Instructional PDF, 9 pages) This document gives an overview of the best practices and considerations for the creation, design, and implementation of eClass Quizzes. Click here to view the document.
  • 10 Strategies for Online Test Taking (Video Resource for Students, Length: 10 minutes) Click here to access the video, which offers strategies for students taking online assessments.

Designing Mobile-Friendly Online Courses 

Presenter: Nick Middlebrook, M.S.T.

Universal Design and Online Courses That Are Accessible

Presenters: Kristen Dellasala, M.A.; Jean Vizvary, M.P.S.

Enhancing Online Courses with Audio 

Presenter: Nick Middlebrook, M.S.T.

Utilizing Virtual Classrooms in Instruction

Presenter: Nick Middlebrook, M.S.T.

Podcasting in Instruction

Presenter: Nick Middlebrook, M.S.T.

Adobe Connect for Instruction

Instructional Document (PDF, 13 pages) Click here to view the document.

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Online Courses

 Presenters: Kristen Dellasala, M.A.; Stephanie Pietros, Ph.D.; Derek Sanderson, M.L.S.

Reflections from Teaching Online 

Presenter: Scott Russell, Ph.D.

Instructional Design Strategies for Encouraging Academic Integrity in Online Learning Environments

Presenter: Kristen Dellasala, M.A.

Improving Writing in Discussion Forums 

Presenter: Gina R. Evers, M.F.A.; Kayla Gori, M.S.

Developing and Teaching an Online Art History Course 

Presenter: Rebecca Parrish Glenn, M.A.

Student to Student Engagement in Online Learning Environments

Presenter: Kathleen Venable, M.S., M.B.A.