Designing for Interaction

Designing for Interaction

Establishing and maintaining regular effective contact is an important aspect of delivering an online and hybrid-blended course. It is not only a Middle States and New York State requirement, but is also a practice that encourages and facilitates student-centered instruction and increases student learning outcomes.

Types of Regular Effective Contact

Interaction in the distance education classroom takes place in three ways:

  • Course announcements
  • Internal messaging in Moodle
  • Personalized feedback through MSMC email or Moodle gradebook
  • Discussion forums
  • Chat feature in Moodle
  • BigBigButton (MSMC’s integrated synchronous tool in Moodle)
  • Phone calls, Skype sessions
  • Topics, Modules or Units in Moodle
  • Lectures (audio and video)
  • Podcasts/webinars/screencasts
  • Discussion forums
  • PowerPoints
  • Websites, YouTube videos, streaming films
  • eTexts and journal articles from MSMC Library
  • Internal messing in Moodle
  • Discussion boards
  • “Ask the Class a Question” or “Open Café Forum” or other informal discussion forum where students can talk about class related and non-class related topics
  • Chat feature in Moodle
  • MSMC email exchanges
  • Collaborative projects through Web 2.0 tools and technologies, and through Moodle

Source: Faculty Reference Manual for Online and Distance Education