Creating Course Videos

Creating Course Videos

Ever thought of being a movie star? What about an eClass star? How about just recording yourself to instruct your class online? We can’t promise you’ll have your own star on the Walk of Fame, but the tools listed below will have your students hanging on your every word.

The internet, libraries and entertainment stores have a wealth of video resources to share with students. However, they may not fit your classes needs each session. Creating your own videos for lectures, references and instruction, gives your content a more accurate purpose for your course materials. This also allows you, the instructor, to control the content presented while creating a timeless resource.

 Embedded in eClass*: 

Listed below are several of the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services’s recommended video creation resource websites and companion app(lications).  Please make sure you cite the resource correctly when using any of these materials.

Poodll and Big Blue Button are both supported by Mount Saint Mary College for instructor and student usages. Both programs that are fully supported by the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services and our external hosting service.

*Instructors and students must be signed in to eClass through the portal to use these tools.


Embedded within our eClass system, Poodll is an intuitive tool to create videos for instructors and students alike. Poodll can be used for presentations and submissions for online, hybrid and on-campus learning.

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Poodll video recording software can be used by instructors for lecture, instruction and update style videos. As well as creating assignment questions in which students reply with video answers furthering multiple modality learning.

Works on most computer and mobile internet browsers within eClass.

eClass | YouTube Internal Resource

Promotional Video Resource:

The Poodll Guy (Owner)

Big Blue Button

Pressing the Big Blue Button is as easy as adding the eClass embedded plug-in to your course. As an activity Instructors can hold online sessions while recording the session for future reference.

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Works on most computer and mobile internet browsers with MSMC single sign-on within eClass.

eClass | YouTube Internal Resource

Document Resource:

Big Blue Button eClass Guide

 External to eClass: 

Listed below are several of the Office of Digital Learning and Instructional Design Services’s recommended video creation tools external to eClass. Their  resource websites, computer programs and companion app(lications) are listed with them for your instructional use.  Please make sure you cite the resource correctly when using any of these materials.


It allows the user to record themselves in video or audio settings and split the view with a webcam and desktop view to allow students to see their instructor while learning in an online environment.

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Camtasia’s functionality lies in it’s ability to record what is viewed on your computer screen as well as a webcam view.

Works on Windows and Mac only.

Windows | Mac


Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint was created in 1987 with the intent to make presentations more effective and more intuitive to make.

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Instructors can now take it further by taking their presentations and turning them into video lectures. To do this please watch our video* on how to record your lecture notes over your slides, turn them into videos and then upload them to YouTube** to be used in eClass.

Works on Windows and Mac computers, as well as online in most internet browsers and associated mobile app(lications). We recommend creating your video on a computer for a more stable experience.

iPhone | iPad | Android | Android TabletWindows | Mac | Website Creation

*Internal Video Tutorial:

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation | Upload a Video to YouTube and Embed in eClassOnline Presentations: From PowerPoint to YouTube to Moodle (Webinar)

**Uploading your video to YouTube allows for longer recordings and file sizes that our current eClass version does not support. Uploading to YouTube and embedding the link into eClass is the most effective method at this time.



Screencast-o-matic screen records what ever is placed on your computer window, with the option to record yourself as well.

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This program has free to use options, different hosting settings and various output sources like directly uploading to YouTube, hosting on, or Downloading as an MP4 file.

Works on internet browsers and associated devices:

Windows and Mac computer program/application download available through a paid plan.



OpenShot is an open source video editing program. Full of standard options to alter videos you have created, transitions, video effects and more.

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This program allows creators to trim down, add, compile, edit, remove no longer current information, and add more current information to videos. Editing information to and from an effective video preserves its shelf life and longevity of the information presented.

An open source video editor that works on Windows, Mac and Linux:

Windows | Mac | Linux