Creating Audio & E-Lectures

Creating Audio & E-Lectures

The use of audio recordings in the classroom can be beneficial to instructor and students in several ways. It allows the instructor to have a copy of their lecture, assignment instructions, and another modality for students to learn in. In turn audio recordings allow student to hear the instructions, listen to lectures wherever they have internet, and be able to understand the instructor in a different method then reading a long list of text. 

 Embedded in eClass: 

Listed below are several of the Office of Online Learning’s recommended audio creation resources embedded in eClass. Poodll and Big Blue Button are both supported by Mount Saint Mary College for instructor and student usages. Both programs that are fully supported by the Office of Online Learning and our external hosting service.

*Instructors and students must be signed in to eClass through the portal to use these tools.


Poodll’s audio recording tool is embedded in our eClass for instructors and students to pose questions, post short lectures and speak answers to questions.

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With students learning in different methods and modalities then ever before. Keeping options open for students to perform in paramount in how education online and in the classroom will change for the good in the future.

Works on most computer and mobile internet browsers within eClass.

eClass | YouTube Internal Resource

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Using Audio in eClass


Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button can be used as an audio only option where the instructor can hold online office hours, lectures and class meetings.

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Works on most computer and mobile internet browsers with MSMC single sign-on within eClass.

eClass | YouTube Internal Resource

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Big Blue Button eClass Guide

 External to eClass: 

Listed below are several of the Office of Online Learning’s recommended E-Reader resource websites, computer programs and companion app(lications).  Please make sure you cite the resource correctly when using any of these materials.


Audacity is an open source audio recording program that works on multiple operating systems. The audio can be uploaded to services such as SoundCloud or added to a video file in Camtasia to be uploaded to YouTube.

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With it’s companion program Lame Converter, (see below), audio files can be exported and saved as MP3 files. MP3 files are transferable and playable on most any devices with ease.

Works on associated computer operating systems:

Windows | Mac | Linux


Lame Converter*

Lame Converter is a library that is added to Audacity to enable the user to convert their audio files into MP3 files. Please watch our video or follow the link in the “More Information” section of this tool to use the direct download link.

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Works on associated computer operating systems:

Windows  | Windows Direct Download Link | Mac | Mac Direct Download Link

*Please watch our video on how to download and install the Lame Converter, before going to these links. It may be difficult to infer the proper download link to use. This is common with Open Source programs and applications. [ Lame Converter Video Reference Tutorial ]



SoundCloud is an audio hosting website service that allows its user to upload lectures, “podcast” style conversations and even music. The program is free to use and open on many platforms for its users to listen, create and share media.

Audio hosted on this website can be linked into eClass by pasting a link in a URL assignment, or any where a text-box is provided.

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Works on most internet browsers associated devices:

iPhone | Android 



Audio can be recorded while showing images or instructions during screen-captures. Creating an audio only presentation is as easy as choosing which camera to record with. Using “Screen Only”. will allow you to record what is on your screen while speaking on the topic of your choice.

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The free version is limited to 15 minutes of recording. The Deluxe version is worth the extra feature for just under $20 a year.

Works on internet browsers and associated devices:

Windows and Mac computer program/application download available through a paid plan.